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Since 1977, Morgan Sonsthagen has been a goldsmith, designer and repair jeweler in the heart of central Denver, Colorado. Our shop is conveniently located near the Washington Park and University Hills neighborhoods. Morgan has also been an avid mineral, gemstone, antique and coin collector for many years. 

While many things have changed, our dedication to high quality handmade jewelry has stayed consistent throughout the years. We use a variety of age-old techniques in conjunction with modern technology that is available to the contemporary goldsmith. 

We are passionate about fabricating and repairing jewelry of all kinds, from vintage and antique jewelry to the current jewelry trends. 


Creating custom jewelry is one of our favorite things.


Bring us your family gemstones and diamonds to create a new piece with sentimental materials. Or, pick from our large inventory of gemstones to create a totally new piece. 


Making one of a kind jewelry is a very special experience and we would be honored to be a part of the process! 


 Use family pieces you have inherited or to create an heirloom for the next generation.



This ring was created using a client's heirloom family diamonds-- coming from jewelry of many family members that have since passed on. The way the diamonds are speckled across the domed ring resembles a starry night sky honoring their family members that have since passed away.  


Many of our antique pieces have a story.

We have jewelry dating back to the Victorian era, Art Noveau, Art Deco, Midcentury and everything in between. 


Restoring, repairing and refurbishing antique and vintage jewelry is one of our specialties. 



Find a wedding set as unique as your love story-- choose from our selection of contemporary designs for a modern look, or from our wide selection of vintage and antique jewelry for a truly one of a kind wedding set. 

We have a large selection of colored gemstone rings for the unique & non-traditional engagement & wedding ring sets.

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